How to maximize the life of your pointe shoes ?

Here you can find pieces of advice to keep your pointe shoes in their best shape.

Always let your pointe shoes dry out

After class, the sweat from your pointe shoes need to dry out. Before putting them in a bag, let them out to breathe.

They are made of many layers of special fabric and glue, so humidity or water is not adviced.

Do not wash your pointe shoes

Again, to keep the pointe shoes in good shape, do not try to clean them with water or any other product. That would destroy them.

Always remove the protection from the pointe shoes

Do not leave the pointe protections inside of the shoes. Remove the protection after each class will keep them dry.

Tip: help them dry

You can use absorbent bead bags specifically made for drying pointe shoes.


Keep your pointe shoes in a bag

When the pointe shoes are dry, you can put them in a tissue bag to keep them nice and pretty.

Extra tip:
Protect the tip of the pointe shoes

You can glue leather pieces specific for pointe shoes that helps you to not slip when you are in pointe shoes and also protect the tip of the pointe shoes from damages due to using them in the long run.

Extra tip:
Protect the tip of the pointe shoes

You can glue the leather tip on the smooth pink side with special glue.

Suggestions to help you to keep your pointe shoes nice